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Cover Crops

Here at Jacob farms we grow various cover crops throughout the growing season.  These include:  rye, radishes, sunn hemp, cow peas, millet's, sudan grass, canola, lupins, turnips, and various other species.   We often plant these in mixes to create multiple plant species working together to produce nitrogen, reduce evaporation, build organic matter, and to control weeds which reduces chemical applications.  Since 2007, we have been doing cover crop testing to monitor its effects on the following cash crops.  We have taken the stance to always have some crop growing whenever possible.  The soil is a living organism and needs to be fed all year.  We have had substantial yield increases following cover crops in the tests we have conducted so far.   We will continue to test them to validate our results.  We are passing the benefit of cover crops to our landowners at no cost to them.

Cover crop mix