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 Jacob Farms Butcher Beef Pricing 2018


 2018 Price is $2.25 per pound hanging weight

We have pre cut beef bundles available!  1/8 of beef.  Call for details!  Also individual packages of hamburger and steaks are for sale at Pribbenow Variety Store in Bentley Kansas.  316-796-1001.


Price Structure:

    We price our beef on a hanging weight rather than a live weight basis.  The main reason for doing this is the dressing percent (the relationship of live to hanging weight) can vary 4-5 percent.  By pricing by hanging weight the customer "gets what he pays for" so to speak.  The hanging weights of our steers usually range from 720-840 pounds.  If you were buying a half or a quarter, divide that figure accordingly and take it times the hanging weight price.

       Processing is paid directly to the processor.  Processing for this year is $.58 per pound hanging weight.  Patties and cubes are $.25/lb more.  There is a $40 per head slaughter charge that is split according to the share of your take of the beef.  We use a local, family owned processor for processing.  You will deal directly with them on how you want your beef cut and packaged. 

     Since we have a limited supply of meat available, and do sell out each year, we require a deposit be paid at the time we reserve the meat for you.  The required deposits are as follows:


Whole beef:    $   200.00

Half beef:        $   100.00

Quarter beef   $   50.00



     Should you decide not to go through with your purchase, the deposit is nonrefundable.  We need to count on the orders we recieve as being reliable so we don't have meat without a place to go.  It is a perishable item and we have  limited amount of storage for meat when someone doesn't take what they ordered.  We hope you understand our situation.

    After the steers are taken in and we have  a hanging weight, we will send a invoice by mail or email with the balance due.  This payment is due prior to the time you pick up your meat.  Since we do have a limited supply available each year, it is wise to get your order in as early as possible.  We have processing dates set up for once a month, Febuary through November. The dates are listed on the how to order tab.

    Call us at 316-796-1015 or email us at for availability and ordering.

   We use Richard's Cold Storage in Valley Center for our processing.  If you have never purchased beef this way and have processing questions before ordering, give them a call at 316-755-0251.  They will be glad to explain the process.