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Why buy beef direct from the farm??



      There are several advantages to buying beef direct from the farm.  One of the biggest reasons is that it is dry aged which enhances the flavor and tenderness.  We let our beef age 10-14 days before it is cut and packaged.  The packing plants that provide the meat for most of our grocery stores and meat markets harvest and package the meat the same day.  All of our beef is Angus or Angus cross steers.  The Angus breed is noted for their better marbling ability, thus making a more tender, flavorful meat.  All our steers are locally raised and are selected for their quality genetics.  There is no mixing of meat of all qualities for hamburger as is done in the packing plants.  You can get your steaks and roasts cut the way you want them.  Buying a beef, whether it is a quarter, half, or whole is a large up front purchase but when compared to Wal-mart, pound for pound we are almost always cheaper and it's a much higher quality product! 


Top 5 reasons to buy direct:

1.  The calves are locally grown and sourced from local producer's pastures.

2.  Grazed on multi-species cover crop in the winter months on large paddocks.

3.  No added growth hormones or antibiotics.

4.  Get meat cut yo your specifications.

5.  Get the beef you buy without added products from the processor in your hamburger.

6.  Better quality meat for a better price than the stores.