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1/8 beef bundles are now ready.   Call for details.

Also individual packages of steaks and hamburger are available for purchase and Pribbenow Variety Store in Bentley, Kansas.  316-796-1001.  


Great video that explains why we do what we do perfectly.   Made by the South Central Kansas Residue Alliance. 



Why do we use no-till and cover crops?????


    Our number one goal is improve the soil's we farm so they remain productive now and improve for future generations.  Tillage degrades the soil and we are losing topsoil at a alarming rate in this country and it is much worse in other countries.  

    Why are we so concerned with the activity below the soil surface and keeping the soil covered with residue?  For every 1% increase in organic matter you gain $750/ acre of crop nutrients for your crops to use.  Your soil's water holding capacity increases by 3.2 times for every 1% O.M. increase.  Think of what this will do for the value of your land in the future? 

    The invisible world of soil microbes beneath your feet are breaking down crop residue into crop income.  They are out of sight, but do more for us than we could ever imagine.  By trying to maintain permanent soil cover we can keep the soil microbes busy all year.  They continue their life cycle and cycle nutrients that become available to our cash crops.  If we do tillage we kill many of them and their population has to build back over time.  Also if the soil has no growing root mass or no cover and is exposed to harsh heat and drought their numbers also dwindle.  This valuable link between soil microbes and soil carbon produced from decaying crop residues cycles nutrients out of the soil in a form that can be used by our cash crops. 

    So by using no-till, cover crops, and permanent soil cover we strive to make the land continue to be profitable, manage weather extremes, and improve the soil so it is more productive tommorrow than it is today.